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Stucco Colormatch Corporation are specialists at repair and maintenance of unpainted (color-integral) stucco in both smooth and sand finishes.  

We are specialists in three distinct areas.

1.  Stucco Restoration at Community Associations.

We have a 25+ year history of successfully working with associations, managers and residents. 


We inform and enroll decision makers, providing examples of our work for all to see and touch.  We are organized, safe, tidy, polite and have received high marks from all of our past clients.


A typical engagement involves identifying the sources of staining, proposing remedial and protection measures, performing quality stucco repairs, and application of a durable, color-fast, uniform finish that can be color-matched to your stucco color.  

Where a new color is desired, we are specialists at supporting management obtain consensus on color, providing examples as required.

2.  High Quality repairs and refinishing of smooth stucco.

We love smooth stucco in a natural finish.  We can do repairs and eliminate staining or discoloration, while retaining the natural, varied character of smooth stucco finishes.


Whether your smooth stucco is streaked, damaged, or stained, we can propose repair and esthetic treatment to preserve it's character. 

3.  Repairs and restoration of individual homes.

I don't know if we have seen and repaired it all, but sometimes it seems like it.

Stucco Colormatch has the materials and experience to make damage and stains disappear.

And if you truly have a stucco problem we have not seen before, you can count on getting our attention.  We are stucco geeks and proud of it.

Repairs shown at right.

Plumbing vent repair required removal of stucco for the plumber.  Note: We have replaced the waterproofing layer, and are laying on a matching texture.  With a color matched finish, this becomes a repair that does not look like a repair.

Repair methods work on architectural

foam elements as well.


Someone's idea of a "repair (right)

Our re-repair.

Kihei, Maui

Camarillo, Ca.

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We are the Authority on Stucco Restoration