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Friends don't let friends paint stucco, except as a last resort. 


Painting, compared to restoration, is expensive, can trap moisture leading to damage, and paint does not have the soft, reflective, aesthetic qualities of natural, color-integral stucco finishes. 

Our evidence for this opinion is 25+ years of service on painted and unpainted stucco, and it is the opinion of the Stucco Manufacturers Association, which recommends maintenance of stucco be done with cement-based materials.

Color-integral, traditional, three-part stucco is designed not to be water-tight on the surface, the water resistant layer (the building paper or membrane) is located behind the cement exterior finish.  Traditional stucco exteriors are intended to be a water-shedding system, that will only slowly take in water, and then release it gradually (and uniformly) as the weather clears.  Such a system is tolerant of minor cracks and water penetration.

Although traditional 3-part, cement stucco is a great building exterior, being fire and pest resistant, durable and long-lasting, it does require maintenance.  

Stucco Colormatch are specialists in maintenance (restoration) of cement-based stucco.  We are familiar with a wide range of commercially available repair materials, and have developed our own line of durable and colorfast finish materials that can be color-matched to blend with existing stucco.


This makes it possible to do maintenance (crack repairs) on existing stucco finishes at a cost substantially under that of paint, keeping the aesthetic beauty of stucco without compromising it's water shedding design. Our specialty is stain and crack maintenance on smooth stucco and low-cost stucco maintenance at community associations (HOA's)

We currently service Builders, Stucco Companies, and Property Managers in the North Los Angeles, Ventura and South Santa Barbara counties.  We are available to consult with professional clients out of area to bring stucco restoration to your area.


Please contact Mark Bass, mark@stuccocolormatch.com, for more information.

Stucco Colormatch is a proud Business Partner within CAI (Community
Associations Institute) Channel Islands Chapter.

A smooth stucco home on Channel Islands harbor that was extensively cracked, seriously streaked with stains, with stucco peeling where the drains were not working correctly... restored to near new without paint.

Five years later, still looking like new...


"I've been using Kap for over 20 years. Stucco Colormatch is the best option for dealing with difficult stucco repairs. I would't think of using anyone else."


Gordon Miller, General Pavement Management, Inc. - CEO



"I am happy to provide a reference for both the company, Stucco Colormatch and its staff.


I had never used their services before but when one of my HOA boards expressed an interest in painting their 13 buildings but did not have all of the money to do so, I provided them with a proposal from Stucco Colormatch. It was a good fit from day one.


Mark Bass does not hesitate to attend board meetings as needed and requested. His calm demeanor and knowledge of the stucco business went a long ways towards convincing the board that this process could be the perfect solution. I too learned a lot about ‘painting’ stucco vs. ‘coating’ stucco! When the board determined that the cost of this process was approximately 50% of painting, the deal was closed!


All of the staff was very kind and patient, even with the more troublesome residents. The project went smoothly and was finished on time and on budget. I encourage HOA boards to consider this company and this process if they are interested in rejuvenating their stucco at an affordable price."


Colleen Scott, Anchor Community Management. - Principal



"We regularly hire Stucco Colormatch for our most demanding stucco work.  It is a pleasure to work with craftsmen who do such carefully detailed, finish work."


Marwan Kashou, Pacific Construction, a K & S Construction Company. - Principal



"I have known Kap Young and his work for more than 20 years.  I have witnessed his commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.  More recently, I have been closely following the technical advances made by Stucco Colormatch Corporation (SCC), and their understanding of the water shedding nature of traditional, color-integral stucco systems. I am in full agreement with SCC’s declaration that application of modest amounts of color-matched, polymer-modified cement materials is functionally superior to paint when caring for cement-based stucco exteriors.  


The high initial cost of paint, recurring high cost in repaint every 8-10 years, with it's accompanying risk of peeling and/or blistering, (requiring sandblasting and/or re-stucco) does not appear to be justifiable when compared to the reduced cost, reduced environmental impact, and superior long-term performance achieved by maintaining the existing, cement character of stucco exteriors." 


Bruce R Kimmel,

General Contractor, Certified Building Inspector, CSI (Construction Specialists Institute) Member, Adjunct Professor, Ventura Community College Construction Technology, Past President, CAI (Community Associations Institute) Channel Islands Chapter.  



"Damn, I can't even tell where you were working.  I wish I'd known about you guys when I was building."


Michael K,

Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, City of Fillmore, Ca.


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We are the Authority on Stucco Restoration